Department of Chemical Engineering at IISER Bhopal was established to encourage interdisciplinary research among the science and engineering disciplines. The key idea behind establishing the department is to nurture a synergistic relationship between science and engineering by offering academic programmes and conducting research that enhances the interaction between scientists and engineers, thus building and strengthening the science-engineering-society feedback. The goal of the Chemical Engineering BS-MS programme is to:

  • Create a pool of engineers who are well oriented to pursue careers in academia.
  • Train students for higher educational pursuits that are interdisciplinary in nature.
  • Graduate students who are well trained to seek employment as engineers, while having a keen appreciation of science, thus, giving them an edge over traditional engineers.

The department is specifically interested in developing programmes that will enhance industry-academia interactions, attract support from national and international organizations to conduct research in frontier areas, and have the potential to promote international student/faculty exchange programme.