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  • ACES-2022

  • Mr. Bablu Alawa (1710601, PhD Student) has received the Gouri Dutta Award for the Best Paper Presentation entitled "Evaluation of performance and combustion of DI diesel engine using blended waste packaging plastic pyrolysis oil" in SCHEMCON-2021 of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers.

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Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at IISER Bhopal. The department was established in the year 2015 to encourage the interdisciplinary research among science and engineering disciplines. The programmes offered by this department are intended to encourage scientists to work towards engineering solutions and to have engineers work on fundamental problems in basic science disciplines, thus encouraging collaboration and erasing the boundaries between basic sciences and traditional engineering. Presently, the department offers BS-MS and Ph.D. programmes along with ‘minor’ to the BS-MS students majoring in natural sciences. This prospect offers students a unique opportunity to utilize (and build on) their foundation in the sciences for engineering applications.